Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Training Memories In Karate

A remarkable clinic was held in Corbett Gym on the UW campus in 1996. During that year, we were lucky enough to bring Dai-Soke R. Sacharnoski to teach Juko-Ryu Kijutsu to an international group who traveled to Laramie to train in this amazing martial art. During the clinic, we learned how to strengthen our necks so we could take hard blows to the throat, we learned how to accept kicks to the groin (although was not easy), kicks to the ribs, and punches to the stomach. At the end of the clinic, we witnessed a few JKI members take the master test.

Juko Kai Clinic at the University of Wyoming. Dai-Soke
Sacharnoski sits in front at center.
This was the most incredible martial art I had ever witnessed. These people accepted full-force strikes to the neck from four different people (all at the same time), took full-force kicks to the groin and ribs, and full-force strikes to the solar-plexus while blind folded. I can tell you that no one held back on the strikes and kicks as the striking members voiced their willingness to have the opportunity to see if these people could withstand their best shots - and most did. Those members who passed the test and were successful showed no effects whatsoever from the strikes and kicks. To me, this was amazing, as I had always been taught in the past that many of these were killing blows.

University of Wyoming Karate and Kobudo Club - 2001
After watching and training with Dai-Soke Sacharnoski, it was apparent to me that he is the best martial artist in the world - and over the past 45 years, I've had the opportunity to see many of the best martial artists in the world - but no one compares to his abilities!

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